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Helping Early Stage Technologies Get To Market - Funding, Strategy, Team & Execution

About PEACE Licensing International

Led by Mark November, over 25 years of Licensing, Joint Venture, Business Development and Start-Up experience. 

Vision - To bringing disruptive technologies to market as peacefully as possible.

Licensing - We offer 3rd-party licensing services.

Positively impacting people's lives everyday!

Our Global Network


Over 25,000 contacts worldwide in virtually every major industry.  

International business experience. Access to 25 million people through our networks.

Your Resource for Expansion


Mark and his Team can help your company or innovation to grow. We tend to work with inventors, innovators, company founders, owners, Board of Directors, top management. From strategy creation to execution, we aim for results. 

25 Years of Licensing


Mark November has been a Licensor, Licensee and Licensing Agent. Co-owned licensing companies for 25 years.

$1 Billion in Consumer Products


From Hollywood to consumer products, the companies that Mark November owned impacted over $1 Billion in revenues.

Co-Owner of an Energy Utility Co.


Currently co-owners of 6 megawatts of hydropower generation. 

Marketing Hollywood IP


Mark worked on The Lion King, Star Trek, Snow White, Independence Day, The Simpsons, I love Lucy, Ace Ventura Pet Detective plus more.

Working with Inventors


Mark's passion is working with innovative people. From garage inventors to R&D labs, Mark loves to advance new innovations.

Advising & Consulting


Clients have questions. Mark has answers and the right connections worldwide.

Mark November


Email -

Phone - 818-817-6200

OUTSTANDING TEAM - How can we help you?


Mark is working with a team of outstanding professionals. 

Peace Tek - We fund and incubate companies.

Peace Recruit - We find the people needed to successfully fund and launch companies.

Peace Licensing - We provide patent owners with 3rd-party licensing services.

How Can We Help You?

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